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Say NO to Junk Mail in Hastings Update

Hastings Borough Council have said they are fully supportive of our Stop Junk Mail in Hastings Campaign. Jeremy Birch as council leader has also given his support. We are waiting for the letter of support and then we will be going ahead with the planning of the campaign and how it will be promoted in Hastings. Further updates will be made on a specific page for this campaign soon to be setup on this website. A further announcement will follow soon.


Green Deal to continue

Important next steps for the UK Governments Green Deal

This will protect consumers, who will know that anyone displaying the Quality Mark has been through the required process to become authorised

(Greg Barker)

Say no to Junk Mail in Hastings

HEN is at the planning stage of a local anti Junk Mail campaign. Whether we like it or not we have to endure the constant barrage of paper coming through our letterbox. From pizza takeaway menus, charity plastic donation bags, services from unknown tradespeople, and local supermarkets.

Cornwall Together and Collective Energy Purchasing in Hastings

Today we've seen the launch of the new Cornwall Together initiative. This new initiative will aim to save Cornish households up to 20% on their energy bills - £240million - taking a significant step towards tackling fuel poverty and health inequality.

George Osborne gives the go ahead to plough through Combe Haven

George Osborne has just given the go ahead for the Hastings & Bexhill link road. This now means its almost certainly going to go ahead, which is very sad news for our town indeed.

We know that people living on Bexhill road have a hard time with all the traffic rumbling through, but they did decide to live there. Is the building of another road going to really make a difference or is going to make it worse?

The BIG Green Year

We're planning a BIG Green year for Hastings & St Leonards. We've thought long and hard about what we can do to keep the environment at the forefront of everyone's minds and we've decided the best way is an ongoing yearly calendar of events. More information to be posted soon, and if you'd like to get involved just send us an email as we need help to make this happen.

Recycling in Hastings

We recently put forward the following questions to HBC.


Can you please answer my following questions regarding recycling in Hastings?

1. Why can only plastic numbers 1 to 4 be recycled in Hastings?

2. I can recycle my Tetrapaks in Rother District, but not in Hastings. Why are there no Tetrapak recycling points in Hastings & St Leonards?

3. I was told some time ago that corrugated cardboard can indeed be placed in my green bin. however it says on the leaflet on the top of the bin that i cannot. When will this information be updated?

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